Game Settings

Game version:0.55
Game name:Default Game Name
Average tech level needed to hit mines8
Averaged Tech level When Emergency Warp Degrades15
Number of Sectors5,000
Maximum Links per sector10
Maximum average tech level for Federation Sectors8
Intergalactic Bank EnabledYes
IGB Interest rate per update0.03
IGB Loan rate per update0.1
Tech Level upgrade for Bases1
Colonists Limit100,000,000 
Maximum number of accumulated turns2,500
Maximum number of planets per sector5
Maximum number of traderoutes per player40
Colonist Production Rate0.005
Unit of Energy used per sector fighter0.1
Sector fighter degradation percentage rate5
Number of planets with bases need for sector ownership 3
Planet interest rate0.050
Colonists needed to produce 1 Fighter each turn20,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Torpedo each turn8,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Ore each turn800
Colonists needed to produce 1 Organics each turn400
Colonists needed to produce 1 Goods each turn800
Colonists needed to produce 1 Energy each turn400
Colonists needed to produce 1 Credits each turn67

Game Scheduler Settings

Ticks happen every6 minutes 
Turns will happen every2 minutes 
Defenses will be checked every2 minutes 
Xenobes will play every2 minutes 
Interests on IGB accounts will be accumulated every 2 minutes 
News will be generated every15 minutes 
Planets will generate production every2 minutes 
Ports will regenerate every2 minutes 
Ships will be towed from fed sectors every2 minutes 
Rankings will be generated every30 minutes 
Sector Defences will degrade every6 minutes 
The planetary apocalypse will occur every 15 minutes 

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Copyright 2000-2005 Ron Harwood and L. Patrick Smallwood
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